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Raw feeding suits the physiology and digestive functions of dogs and cats much more closely than cooked, processed foods, meaning that they will obtain more nutrients and excrete less waste. It also satisfies their instinctive needs to consume raw materials, and provides flavours and aromas that are more attractive to them.


Is it Safe?

Yes. Dogs and cats are able to cope with comparatively high levels of microbial activity in food but it is us sterile humans that are less able. Therefore, the same hygiene application should be adhered to as you would use in preparing raw ingredients for humans. In other words, owners should wash their hands after handling the food, and all contact surfaces should also be meticulously cleaned. Defrosted food should not be re-frozen, just as we would not re-freeze food for our own consumption.


What ingredients are used?

Our ingredients are sourced from human grade, organically grown and locally produced ingredients wherever and whenever possible. Where our products contain bones or such, we again source the purest form in order to give you a top quality product.
All our recipes are formulated in accordance with the European FEDIAF guidelines for the nutritional requirements of dogs and cats as this is one of the highest standards to apply to the industry.
Our products contain human grade meats, fish, vegetables, fruits, herbs, and oils. There are no added fillers, chemicals, by-products, harmful products, sugars, salts, grains or preservatives added to our ingredients.