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Humble Beginnings

It all began with our dog who constantly had itchy skin and was self-biting. We were told she had numerous allergies to wheat and soya and almost all her issues were food related.
We started the search for a product on the market that didn’t contain these ingredients and after trying possible options with no success, we decided enough was enough.
Out of desperation to improve her wellbeing and health, we began preparing her a natural raw diet at home. We were able to control everything that went into her food and started providing her with a high quality healthy and natural diet without the dreaded ingredients.
Within a couple of months she was a completely different dog. Her skin issues were clearing up, her eyes were brighter and wow did she have more energy!

By six months the transformation was remarkable. Not only was she a happier dog, her allergies had completely cleared up and her neighbourhood pals commented on her new shiny looks and new found energy. Fellow dog walkers began to see the transformation and we started getting a few local enquiries from pet owners who had issues with their cat or dog.
And so, through lots of research and working with European industry experts to ensure the complete balance and nutritional quality of our products, we began our cottage company, Authentica.