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“Pippa had lots of stomachs upsets when we changed her from the processed puppy food to adult food. A friend recommended we try Authentica’s natural range and after about the first 3 days we saw a massive difference as she was keeping the food down. She has been brilliant ever since and we are so happy she is happy. Thank you Authentica.”
Owners Emily & Fay
“Charlie eagerly waiting for his delivery.”
Owner Francesca
“We switched Negro to a raw food diet when he was diagnosed with a heart condition and was losing his appetite. We were told having plenty of raw protein in his diet with the amino acids he needs would help slow some of the deterioration down. With the processed food he would only eat a small amount now with Authentica’s natural range he wolves the food down and we know we’re no longer compromising his health with a poor diet. We’ve also seen a huge difference in his energy levels and the condition of his coat.”
Happy customers Negro and Owner Gabriela x
“Is that the doorbell? Asked Chopper”
Owner Robert